Felted Soaps Tutorial

Felted Soaps Tutorial

11th Mar 2014

We get a lot of comments about our felted soaps. Many of our customers have never seen felted soaps before, and the beautiful colors and textures are very striking. The wool felted onto the soaps acts as a built-in scrubbie, and shrinks as you use the soap. These soaps are long-lasting and great exfoliators!

Soaps are easy to felt at home, and this can be a fun project for kids or a great way to use wool rovings. You should start by selecting two pieces of roving, each long enough to wrap all the way around the soap with a good amount of overlap. Gently pull apart the fibers of the wool, spreading the piece of roving to the width of the soap. Wrap one of the pieces of roving around the soap in one direction, and the other piece of roving in the other direction, so the entire soap is covered with a thick padding of wool and no soap shows through. Pull loose fibers around the soap and make sure corners are well covered.

Now you’re ready to felt! I do my felting at the sink. Carefully hold your soap under very warm water for a few seconds, until it is completely saturated, and begin felting the wool to the soap by ‘washing’ it on, working it in your hands as if you were washing your hands with the soap. When you work up a thick lather, you will notice that the wool begins to adhere to the soap. Make sure the wool is still covering the soap entirely! Repeat this process several times, working the soap into a lather and then rinsing it in hot water.

When the wool feels tightly adhered to the soap, run the soap under cold water for a few seconds, lather it a final time, and rinse it in cold water. This ‘locks’ the felt onto the soap. Gently tamp your soap dry with a towel, and set it on a board to air dry. In a few hours, it will by dry and ready to use.

Have fun making felted soaps! Please post any questions you have in the comments.