Happy Lammas!

Happy Lammas!

Posted by J.D. on 3rd Aug 2014

I love the ancient tradition of Lammas, a celebration of the first harvest. We haven't been harvesting much from our garden this year because of the cool temperatures this summer... we have a ton of green tomatoes on the vines! But Llamas is also about a metaphorical harvest, for me. The seeds of intention I sowed in the spring are coming to fruition in new connections, more confidence about my business, and a ton of new things learned. This is the year I learned the complicated process of making lotions and creams, with a great teacher to help me (thanks, Kathy!). Bruce has been learning a lot about wild mushrooms this spring and summer, and the chanterelles have been flowing in. We've also learned how to all live together while working from home in a way that is pretty laid back and less stressful than ever.

This year we had a simple celebration-- it's been a busy, busy season. Bruce made some really delicious chocolate cayenne cookies with our little boys (Silvan likes to do the sprinkles). The guys brought me a basket of flowers from the garden and I decorated the altars in the living room and the garden with gingko leaves, bells, stones, buddhas, candles, and lot and lots of zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos. I smudged the house and garden and all the guys with my giant smudge stick.

Tomorrow we'll trudge up the hill behind our house and pick blackberries. We'll visit the Magic Tree and leave some nice things there for the faeries. I saved the prettiest of the chocolate cookies in a flower petal dish for the Queen of the Faeries. May she bring us an abundant harvest and some hot days to make those tomatoes ripen!

Happy Lammas, folks. Hope you're reaping what you've sown.