New Black Tea, White Tea, and Green Tea Face Creams Now Available

New Black Tea, White Tea, and Green Tea Face Creams Now Available

Posted by J.D. on 24th Apr 2014

I have been busy formulating this winter and early spring, and our new line of face creams are finished!  Thanks to everyone who has been testing, testing, testing these creams and giving me feedback, and to Kathy for the incredibly valuable formulating help.

Our face creams will combine the amazing healing properties of tea with the moisturizing and regenerating power of honey.  They will be available in three varieties for a range of skin types and issues: Black Tea for all skin types (including oily skin), White Tea for dry and mature skin types, and Green Tea for sensitive skin.

These creams contain some of the most wonderful natural oils and butters I've ever worked with.  All three creams contain oat proteins to hold moisture on the skin, honey for light humectant texture, and antioxidant tea extracts.

Black Tea combines the light, dry feel of Grapeseed Oil with Tamanu, an oil known for healing damaged skin. These oils are perfect for normal to oily skin, and will moisturize without causing acne outbreaks.  Olive Squalane and Coconut Oil give this cream a fabulous texture and leave skin feeling soft and velvety. Organic black tea extract is vitamin-rich and contains caffeine to perk up your skin, and green tea extract provides antioxidants. Bergamot Mint essential oil gives this light cream a subtle, bright scent of black tea!

White Tea is a rich, ultra moisturizing cream for dry skin.  Honey lightens the rich butters and oils in this cream so it doesn't feel heavy or clog pores. Unrefined Shea Butter from a collective in Africa gives this cream healing power, and extra virgin cold pressed Coconut Oil feels light and airy. Avocado Oil  and Olive Squalane do great things for dry skin, and Rosehip Seed Oil nourishes dry or aging skin. Camellia Oil brings the power of tea to this cream, along with antioxidant green tea and caffeinated organic white tea extracts. White Tea also contains Bergamot essential oil for radiant skin and Carrot Seed essential oil, used extensively in skin care to regenerate and reduce signs of aging. White Tea has a light, refreshing citrus scent.

Green Tea is a hypoallergenic cream made specifically for sensitive skin. Sunflower Oil gives this cream a light base, and Avocado Oil and Squalane moisturize and protect skin. Tamanu and unrefined Shea Butter provide healing benefits for skin problems, and honey lightens these heavy oils and butters. Camellia Oil, from the tea plant, penetrates skin to fight the effects of aging. Green Tea and organic Black Tea extracts lend antioxidants, vitamins, and caffeine to revitalize and nourish skin. Blue Chamomile essential oil has calming properties and contains Azulene, a naturally blue compound that promotes regeneration and skin health. Lavender and Ho Wood essential oils give this cream a calming, subtle scent that is light enough for those sensitive to scents.

Sample sizes of all three skin creams will be available through the webstore: try one or all three before you commit!