Using Beeswax and Honey in Bath and Body Products

Using Beeswax and Honey in Bath and Body Products

11th Mar 2014

This fall, we processed quite a bit of beeswax from the two hives in our garden. We decided to leave the honey in the hives for the bees this year, just to make sure they have enough food to make it through the winter. But we always have a big jar of raw honey from Hunter Honey down the road– a larger operation that has been producing good Indiana honey for generations. Honey and beeswax make wonderful natural conditioners and hardeners for our soaps and body products.

The beeswax is beautiful and golden! It smells amazing…

Now it’s time to start incorporating wax and honey into Teehaus soaps and body products! Beeswax is a great hardener for body products and soap. While honey makes soap a little soft, beeswax can be added at the same time to counteract this effect. Our Honey and Lavender Milk & Honey soaps now include a healthy dose of honey for moisturizing effects and a rich lather, and beeswax to make a hard, long-lasting bar.

Beeswax forms a protective layer on the skin that seals in moisture. That’s why our solid lotions stay put on hands even through a couple of hand washings. We keep a solid lotion bar by the sink and reapply every couple of times we wash our hands. This is really seeing us through the Indiana winter so far.

We also use our beeswax and local honey in our Honey Lip Balms. These are slightly sweet and delicious. The beeswax seals in moisture on your lips while the honey acts as a humectant and conditions lips in dry or winter weather.

Our beeswax helps to harden the Green Tea Salve that is indispensable in our household. The deep emerald color of this salve comes from an infusion of olive oil with green tea and comfrey and calendula from our garden. We use it for dry skin, bug bites, sunburns, cuts, diaper rash, and pretty much any other skin ailment that comes our way! It is old-fashioned good medicine.

This year we will be incorporating our beeswax into most of the Teehaus soaps. This will help our bars last for a long time, and we love to have a little bit of the bees’ work in everything we make!