Stout Bar
Stout Bar
7.00 - 7.50
Stout Bar combines a dark, malty craft beer from our local brewery with silky coconut milk and spicy star anise for a delightful vegan soap. Activated charcoal gives this soap an elegant black color that won't transfer to skin or cloth, and adds drawing and deodorizing properties that may help with oily skin, acne, eczema, and other skin issues. Cocoa butter, coconut milk, and shea butter give this bar a creamy texture. Craft beer enthusiasts- and everyone else- will love this rich, moisturizing soap.

Use Stout Bar in the bath or shower, or as an everyday hand soap. Makes a great gift!
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Our soaps are 100% all natural, made with only pure essential oils and natural colors. They contain a large proportion of olive oil for a high-quality, long lasting bar, and we use lots of creamy cocoa butter and emollient shea butter to condition the skin in each bar. These soaps are cold processed castiles, made by hand the old-fashioned way and cured for a month before sale. We think you will agree they are amazing!
Stout Bar contains saponified olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, Belgian Stout beer, shea butter, coconut milk, activated charcoal, and essential oils of lavender and star anise.
This listing is for one hand-cut bar that weighs approximately 4 oz., wrapped in post-consumer brown paper with our colorful Granola Girl label. Please note that colors may vary slightly by batch.
Want it without the label? Just select 'unlabeled' at checkout and save a bit of money. We'll wrap your bar in tissue to protect it during shipping. Our packaging is recycled and reused, please reuse again.
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